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Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy is situated in the tranquil countryside near the Li river an easy bike ride from town.  Once here you will find yourself amongst warm and knowledgeable staff, who are more than happy to help you with all your needs.

You will be overseen and taught by a national Tai Chi champion with many years of experience, teaching both Western and Chinese students.  His mastery of the arts is only overshadowed by his enthusiasm in passing on his experience, and his unbeatable power through a lifetime of commitment.

Yangshuo is a spectacular place, surrounded by stunning and unusually shaped Karst mountain formations. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places and the home of Tai Chi in China.

Master Huang would like to invite you to join a completely unique way to experience authentic Tai Chi practicing in spectacular landscape and discovery the way through your Tai Chi journey in Yangshuo.

Indoor Training

Outdoor Training

Tao's Temple Training

What is the right Tai Chi Programs for you?

We offer scheduled and individual Tai Chi teacher training programs and general training programs, push-hands intensive training, outdoor and mountain retreats, special holiday packages courses, Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy is a home for you to deepen your Tai Chi practice, explore the mountains and discovery your Tao in Yangshuo China.

Yangshuo Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy China

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