Yangshuo is a major tourist destination well known for its breathtaking landscape with typical karst hill that inspired many generation of Chinese artists.

The city is very well located into a naturalistic area not far from cities like Canton, Shenzhen or Honk Hong. And less that two-hours ride from the nearest airport, located in Guilin


The quality of the life in this part of China is still pretty relax and resemble the atmosphere of a typical chinese village eventhough the city host around 300.000 inhabitants and offer a great variety of day/night entertainment.

Surrounded by majestic karst hills covered with a lush tropical flora the life of the city is no far from the tranquillity of the forests.

Despite the great turistic growth that is particular reagion has seen in the last years the living costs remain very contained, with price for a main course that rarely is over the 20-30CNY in non-turistic restaurants.


Sitting in the south belly of China, Guanxi get the benefits of typical tropical weather with hot and medium mold days in summer against fresh and moderate rainy days during the wintertime.


The temperatures in spring can be pleasant with an average of 20 degrees. Although officially the start of rainy season there are many beautiful sunny days in between the drizzle and short down pours. At this time of year the flowers bloom and the sun sparkles on the waterlogged rice fields.


Summer in Yangshuo can be very humid and hot with an average temperature of 30 degrees during the day and dropping to about 25 degrees at night.


A very good time to visit Yangshuo is in autumn. The days are mild with an average of about 20 degrees and it is the dry season generally with very little rain. In the evenings and mornings it can be a little chilly so don't forget to bring a warm jumper as well. Autumn is perfect to go on bike rides, hikes and to rock climb around Yangshuo because of the pleasant temperature. Starting in November, fewer tourists come but the Yangshuo weather is really perfect.



Winter temperatures can average 8 degrees but with generally very little rain the sky can be clear and temperature in the sun can reach as high as 18 degrees. In the winter Yangshuo can become quiet mystical as the mist slowly swirls around the peaks and the sun shimmers off the crystal clear water of the rivers.