VISA & Info

How to book the courses?

Step 1: E-mail, Skype, Phone to Master Henry

Step 2: Fill application form

Step 3: Pay application fee

Step 4: Send you the official invitation letter

Step 5: Get Visa and book flight

Step 6: Pick up service

Chinese Visa for Tai Chi & Kung fu Students

For you to coming to study with master Huang in China, everyone needs to obtain a Visa. We can assist you in obtaining the Visa that is suitable to your needs.

Tourist Visa ( L ) You can easily enter China with a tourist visa, which normally has 30 or 90 days validity. Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy can extend your Visa more than one year when you are in the school.

Business Visa ( F ) Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy can advise students from abroad with their application for a six months F Visa. The F Visa can easily be obtained in Hong Kong. You can contact our school first to ask how to get an F Visa directly or enter China with a tourist Visa and obtain the F Visa later. Visa application fees may differ for each country. Please contact us first to inquire about the necessary information.

If you need any help applying for your visa, such as with the school invitation letter, please let us know and we will email to you or send it to you through the post office or fax it,


Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy Rules:

 1. Students must respect the masters, staffs and each other. You should live together peacefully and friendly, not fight or cause any bad atmosphere in the school.

2. No drugs, tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol or gambling in the school.

3. Respect people’s belief. No gossiping on other¡¯s personal religion or faith.

4. If a student is struggling with his or her training, you should help them, but you should not laugh at or joke about students who are having difficulty.

5. Before you leave the school, you have to let your master know where you are going and get his permission to leave.

Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy offer a peaceful and friendly training and living environment for all students and masters

Before you go please check below for Travel

Passport with 6 months validity and spare pages

China Visa

Passport photo

Travel insurance details

Flight tickets

Money – travellers cheques / cash / credit card

Guide/phrase book

Sleep sheet

Medication (eg. cold tablets, headache tablets, sleeping tablets)

Day pack: big enough for over-night essentials

Alarm clock

Plastic bags

Pocket knife


Mosquito Repellent

Camera and film

Contact solution

Here are some more info about Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy and training

Why do you need to study Tai Chi?
Interested in Tai Chi. It provides many benefits, Mastering the fundamental principals of Tai Chi will enable to apply them in everyday life, improving health and well-being, and making you happy and so on.Why do you need to come to Yangshuo for Tai Chi training?
Yangshuo provides a good peaceful environment for Tai Chi training, and the masters speaks English, You really need an English speaking master to explain every details of what you will going to learn.What is Master Henry’s relationship with the Chen Village Sect?
Master Henry is a disciple of Wan Xiang, one of the four grandmasters of Tai Chi and descendants of the Chen family.What kind of Tai Chi does the school teach?
Tai Chi Inspirer teaches Chen style tai Chi, the original and most fundamental style.

Do you need to have any experience in Tai Chi to train?
Chen Tai Chi training is open to all levels, ages, and physical conditions. The training will be adapted to the student’s level and condition.Do I get to choose what I study while at the school?
The best path is the one offered to you be the Master, but changes can be made if necessary.What’s the food like in the school?
The food is healthy, balanced, local, and tastes great.What is the accommodation like in the school?
The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with a truly amazing view and environment.What is the daily training schedule in the school?
Training with the Master is from 9-11 AM and 3-5PM. However, it is encouraged that the exercises taught during this time also be practiced outside official training hours.

What can you do when you are finished classes in school?
Yangshuo provides too many interesting activities to list. It is a famous rock climbing destination, there are 100 bars and even more English schools in which you can help out, as well as gyms, a beautiful park, and loads of foreigners with which you can usually establish contact quite effortlessly.

Besides Tai Chi training, do you offer other courses of activities?
On request, Master Henry can also teach calligraphy, other teachers can teach Chinese, Painting as well.

What about payment? What kinds of payment do you accept? When do I pay that?
It is best to pay beforehand, and by bank transfer.

Do you have some videos about the living environment of the school, so that I can know some more before coming?
Videos and many helpful pictures are available on the website.

What kind of Visa should I apply?
Simply apply for a tourist Visa, and it can be extended here for 12 months, after which you usually have to take a quick trip to Hong Kong (or anywhere else outside China you fancy).

Do I need insurance before coming?
The Chinese people are helpful. By far more helpful and caring than any insurance has ever been. They will not let perish on the sidewalk. So the opinion in a succinct, brief, direct and clear answers: no.

Welcome to Huang Hua Tai Chi Academy.