Due to his priviledged turistic position Yangshuo always offer a great variety of options to all kind of personalities. From the hot-air balooning, hiking, rock climbing for the more adventurous; to the promenades, boat-riding and Chinese theather for the quieter souls.


This particular part of Guanxi hosts different attraction such as the rice terraces of Longji, where the local minority Zhaung and Yao tribes have carved the landscape here for over 800 years to make a subsistance living in this mountainous area. But not less spectacular are the many little villages that hide in the narrow valleys of the region or the beauties of cities like Guilin or Hezhou.

This corner of China result very dense of temples from different creeds (Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian), whose spectacular setting are often used by the Master and his students to train and meditate in special day trip.